• Weight Loss-The battle of the Bulge- Dr. Franklin GYN

    Weight Management (New)The most common issue I see in private practice is too much of the “good life”-being overweight or obese. Too many Americans are way overweight and each and everyone I see in my office would like to lose anywhere from 10-50 lbs., without much effort. Sadly, if it was easy, everyone would be skinny or have a normal waist line. In this 4 articles, I will discuss with you some of the best ideas, tips, and tricks that you can incorporate in your daily routine to shed those unwanted pounds, and of course live a happier and richer life without that 20 lb. sack of potatoes around your waist! The unintended consequences from being overweight are hypertension, diabetes, depression, fatigue, chronic back pain, ankle pain, and knee pain. Also, lack of energy results in irritability, low self esteem, poor performance at work and more effort to do daily chores that were once easily and quickly done. Everyone wants a quick fix , something easy that a pill will take care of; but, this doesn’t work for anyone. Its a fundamental life style change that you must be committed to forever! You must have the desire, determination, dedication, and drive to persist despite all the seductive ads that bombard you every single day to try the latest calorie laden fast food. In the second series on weight loss I will discuss my philosophy about diet- what to eat, and more importantly, what not to eat. In the 3rd part of this series, I will discuss the importance of exercise, a boring, but vital ingredient in the three step process for permanent weight loss. Finally, in the 4th and final series, I will review the three drugs  that are available for weight loss, which ones I use,  and how to incorporate all three elements of diet, exercise, and medication to achieve  your goal of a wonderful life filled with energy, bountiful self-esteem, and happiness in everything you do!







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