• Time and Sex-Speed Kills-Dr. Franklin GYN

    Time and Sex-Speed Kills-Dr. Franklin GYN

    In my last blog, I discussed a brief overview of the causes for low libido, or lack of desire to have sex. One of the most common and easily treated causes is time, or lack of. Most couples have intercourse in 10-15 minutes; this amazing race is counter intuitive-you want to end up in last place-the longer the better. Americans are an impatient bunch of folks and we rush quickly in every thing we do everyday. But, with sex and intimacy, longer is better. On average, women need time, about 20 minutes or more to become receptive and eager for sexual performance and satisfaction. Foreplay, that time prior to penile penetration, is often hastily overlooked by most men, and with proper instruction, this can often be the most enjoyable for both partners; love making is so much more than penile penetration; the skin is an amazing covering to our bodies; so much pleasure and excitement can be brought forth by tactile stimulation-hugging, caressing, and manipulation can all enhance the journey to fulfillment. This important time cannot be rushed or hurried; the longer the better. A minimum of twenty minutes is what is necessary for most females to enjoy this playful time before penile insertion.This 20 or more minutes is crucial and necessary if a woman is going to enjoy the journey. She will be rewarded with a more satisfying and robust orgasm. To go slow and leisurely is not easy and the quick love making is hard to break; but foreplay is a necessary prelude-it promotes excitement and anticipation- the longer the wait, the better the feeling at the finish line. Take your time and enjoy the process. Remember, your goal is not the destination,but the marvelous journey along the way!

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