OsteoporosisOver 25 million women in the United States have osteoporosis, a silent but very serious condition that strikes at least one in four women menopause. Osteoporosis is a slow, indolent process that is without symptoms when it’s too late and a hip or back fracture happens from a fall or accident. Women at risk include those with a family history for osteoporosis or a history of a previous fracture. A small bone structure “petite”, smokers, early menopause (prior to age 50); prior hormone therapy, use of blood thinners, seizure medication, thyroid supplements, and steroids can all accelerate bone loss and cause osteoporosis to occur prematurely.

Detection is easy and painless with a bone scan (covered by most insurance) and can reveal a lot of information of your bone strength as well as weakness. Treatments are available now to increase bone density and reduce your risk for fracture in the future. What you don’t know can hurt you-be proactive! No one wants a hip fracture followed by surgery and months of physical rehabilitation.

Ask me if you are at risk for this silent epidemic and we will insure that your bones remain thick and strong for many years to come!

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