• An exciting chance to watch a master at work!-robotic surgeon

    An exciting chance to watch a master at work!-robotic surgeon

    How does anyone improve their skills and knowledge? Tough question? Not really! Its obvious to me, because there are individuals in any specialty that rise to the top of their field by being the best at what they do. Besides study and ambition, if you can repeat what an expert does everyday, then you’ll eventually become an expert, too! It’s simply amazing to me that most doctors don’t put out a lot of effort to improve their abilities and keep current by attending courses, lectures, and asking questions from noted speakers about their particular specialty. So I am jumping at the chance to fly to Houston soon to observe an expert surgeon in the operating room . Dr. Gregory Eads,  a world renowned robotic gynecological surgeon, is an expert who practices in the Woodlands near Houston. He is one of the original fifteen masters throughout the USA who is recognized for his surgical skills in performing robotic hysterectomies. He has performed over 1200 robotic procedures! Imagine that! By watching how he operates, and asking burning questions on how I can improve my skills and be on the cutting edge for robotic surgery, I know that I can become one of the best robotic surgeons in North Texas. I’m excited to meet Dr. Eads soon and watch his skills as he performs minimally invasive surgery. Just learning one or two new ideas and methods will set me apart from the other gynecologic surgeons who can’t or won’t improve their abilities by learning from the experts in their field. By watching Dr. Eads I know I will become a better gynecological surgeon and I will have the satisfaction of knowing that I will be one of the best robotic surgeons in Lewisville and Flower Mound.

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