• The Ripple Effect- Know your cancer risk -Dr. Stanley Franklin

    Everyone remembers throwing a rock into a pond and seeing the circular ripples expand larger and larger until it’s broken by the shoreline. Well, I thought of this remembrance recently when a new patient of mine recently came to my office for genetic testing for the gene for breast and ovarian cancer. My patient is 27 years old and her mother was tested by me about 4 months ago because her mother had died from ovarian cancer. One simple question revealed an amazing amount of history! It turns out that the mother was positive for the gene and I performed a robotic hysterectomy with removal of both ovaries; this life saving procedure essentially reduced her risk to zero of ovarian cancer. The daughter was negative-a huge relief for her! What is interesting is what the daughter told me during her first appointment with me: she found out that her mother’s two sisters and one brother all tested positive for the gene and are now getting appropriate surveillance and surgery to prevent the very high chance of getting breast and ovarian cancer. So 4 individuals were identified that have the BRCA gene that causes breast and ovarian cancer-4 lives that won’t have to suffer the agony of breast and ovarian cancer-all this amazing useful knowledge that saved a family’s descendants-all because of one simple question I asked the mother-“Is there any family history of breast or ovarian cancer?”

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