• The Right Side Of Life

    Your character is your destiny! That was spoken by a wise Greek philosopher many years ago and I believe it to be true today. Laugh and the whole world laughs with you-cry and you cry alone! If you stop and think about it, the human personality is amazing-unique and different for everyone. For over 30 years, by patients’ approach to illness and bad news varies; some are devastated and inconsolable; others understand, adjust, take action, and move on and make the best of it. A warm, friendly personality coupled with a good sense of humor will win out every time. It may be trite, but as the song from Spamalot quips-“Always look on the bright side of life”; you’ll be dead soon enough!

    A sense of curiosity and amazement about the world we live in along with a good dose of self-reliance can do more good than any pills I can prescribe. Narcissism and self-absorption with one’s own problems and worries, won’t do you any good. Worry is like a rocking chair- there’s a lot of motion, but you don’t go anywhere! My clinical experience must intervene when worry and sadness interfere with activities of daily living. Life is too short to be miserable and unhappy! Fortunately, a sympathetic ear, and judicious use of antianxiety and antidepressants can make a world of difference in your thoughts and behavior. After all, we all strive to be happy and have peace of mind from the daily headache and heartache we all must overcome and endure each and every day. Enjoy your senses every day, and have an attitude of gratitude for everything you have. It’s a beautiful world, and your character can either make you have a hell or heaven on earth-the choice is you! Always look on the bright side of life.


    Lewgyn-4Dr. Franklin

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