• Nexplanon-A LARC implant-is it the right choice?- Dr. Franklin GYN

    Nexplanon-siteIn this second of a five part series on LARC (Long acting reversible contraception), I will discuss the newest member, Nexplanon, a subdermal implant. This 1 and 1/2 inch remarkable rod is placed superficially, just underneath the skin of the arm when an individual is on her menses. It is a safe, effective and easily inserted and removed progesterone impregnated rod, which can be felt, but not seen. It is a minor procedure that can be done in my office in less than 10 minutes with minimal discomfort. Nexplanon is ideal for young women who are going off to college and need contraception for 3 years. After 3 years, the Neplanon device has to be removed, and a new device can be re-inserted at the same time, if she is happy with the results and would like another 3 years of worry free birth control.  The most common minor side effect is intermittent random spotting which may be an annoyance, but generally and gradually diminishes during the first 6 months after insertion. The benefits of the Nexplanon device include the following: shorter, lighter menses; minimal if any cramping; no monthly trips to the pharmacy for birth control pills; no need to remember whether or not you took a pill the day before.Just set it and forget it! This device, however, does not protect you from any sexually transmitted infections-so be mindful of the possible consequences! If you hate taking pills and hate how they make you feel, then the Nexplanon implant may be right for you. For more information, you can check it out at www.nexplanon-USA .com. We will be happy to verify your insurance benefits to see what your copay or deductible may be before insertion of the device. If you want even more info, call us at 972-420-8585 and we can set up a time to discuss it further and get you some more printed brochures about Nexplanon.!






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