• My mom has breast cancer will i get it?

    My mom has breast cancer will i get it?

    As one of the longest practicing Lewisville gynecologist (over 34 years!), concerns and questions about breast problems and breast cancer are a daily occurrence.  There are seven common questions I am asked all the time and I will address them one by one.  This is the first…


    My mom has breast cancer, will I get it?

    Good question, with obvious concerns from a scared patient. There are multiple factors that can increase or decrease your risk of getting breast cancer in your lifetime. If you take 100 women and follow them from birth to the end of their life, 12 or 8% will get breast cancer-this is general population risk; this happens without any obvious family or environmental factors. Next, is familial or family risk, which is higher than general risk and can go as high as 15%, 20%, or even higher. Finally, genetic risk, or having a deleterious gene (BRCAI or BRCAII gene) can increase your risk as high as 75% by the time you are 70 years old! There are guidelines published by the NCCN( National Comprehensive Cancer Network) that spell out whether or not you qualify to get a blood test for the bad gene- usually occurring in 1 in 350-400 women. This individual should start screening sooner than age 40, usually 30 or 35 years of age with a mammogram, and self breast exam and clinical breast self exam by a physician at least twice yearly. This is closer surveillance than would be necessary for someone who did not have a family history of breast cancer.

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