• IUD benefits and side effects by Dr. Stanley Franklin GYN

    There are many benefits to using an IUD.  It is important to look at the benefits and potential side effects of using an IUD.  Here are a few things to consider when looking at IUD Benefits and Side Effects.

    Long acting reversible contraception today is perhaps one of the best forms of birth control for women 18-45. Although this form of contraception has been around for decades, the newer, and saver products make this choice a compelling one. Currently, there are three models on the market: Mirena, Skyla, and Paragard. All three are currently available and covered by most insurance plans-usually only a copay is necessary. All 3 are inserted when a woman is on her menstrual period. The Mirena IUD, which is in the shape of a “T”, has a progesterone hormone that keeps the lining of the uterus very thin, so after 3-6 months after insertion minimal bleeding occurs each month; in fact, often women will not have any bleeding for several years! This particular IUD needs to be removed after 5 years and a new one inserted. The Skyla IUD also has a progesterone hormone and is in the shape of a”T” but is best used in younger women who have never delivered-ideal for young girls going to college, or who have difficulty remembering to take a pill everyday. The final IUD is the Paragard, also in the shape of a “T”, but has copper wound around the stem and is good for 10 years of contraception; however, menstrual flow is usually not diminished. All 3 work very well and are covered by most insurance plans. If a woman wants to attempt pregnancy, it can be removed in my office quickly, easily with minimal discomfort and fertility is unaffected and ovulation resumes in 2-4 weeks after removal. You can check the web for more info on any of these IUD’s; if you’re interested, call your gynecologist and make an appointment to discuss IUD’s and see if this is right for you!

    It is important to do your research on IUD Benefits and Side Effects before making a decision.


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