• Colon Cancer Awareness Month-Lynch Syndrome-Are you at risk? Ignorance is not Bliss!!!

    March is Colon Cancer awareness month. I want you to understand about hereditary risks for colon cancer, whether or not you should be tested( a simple blood test), and find out what your particular genetic risk factors are. You may have risk factors and  are not aware of them.  Lynch syndrome is a deleterious gene which is inherited. It dramatically increases your risk for colon, uterine and ovarian cancer. While the general population risk is 1-2%, if you have this gene the risk  increases  up to 82% for colon cancer, up to 71% for uterine cancer, and up to 12% for ovarian cancer by age 70. Pretty dramatic and scary ! If you have a family history in your parents, grandparents or siblings of any of these cancers, you may qualify and should be tested. An unaffected individual with a family history of any of these cancers is generally at an increased risk to contract one of these malignancies over and above the general population risk. This means your surveillance is increased earlier and more frequently with colonoscopy at a younger age, pelvic ultrasounds, and obtaining serial blood tests for tumor markers. Many women with Lynch syndrome choose to have risk-reducing preventable surgery to remove their uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Having this surgery can and will be life saving, but  you must have the blood test drawn. This is very powerful knowledge that you can benefit from. Also, your sisters, brothers, and other family members can be tested as well. We are just scratching the surface with gene testing, not only for colon cancer, but breast and ovarian cancer syndromes known as BRCA1 and BRAC2. For more info contact Myriad Genetics at www.myriadpro.com . They are the premier genetic testing company. They are continuously expanding the scope of testing for more and more hereditary cancers. Knowledge is power-you can take charge of your future-be proactive! Above all, talk with your doctor if you are concerned and find out whether or not you need to be tested sooner rather than too later! You can be in control of your destiny and plan accordingly, rather than wonder and worry for the rest of your life!

    Colon cancer awareness


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