• What does a chief of staff of a hospital do? Dr. Franklin-GYN

    THFM%20THPR%20WebIs being chief of staff of a 100 bed acute care hospital just a title or does it mean more responsibility ? The following is just a brief description  of my new duties at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital: preside at and determine the agenda of all general and special meetings of the Medical Staff; serve as chairman of the medical executive committee; enforce Medical Staff Bylaws, rules and regulations; represent the views, policies, concerns, needs, and grievances of the medical staff to the governing board and administration; advise the governing board on the effectiveness and the overall quality of patient care in the hospital. And finally, serve as spokesman for the Medical Staff in its professional and public relations! Indeed, a tall order for the next two years! I’m excited and eager to begin this amazing journey as chief of staff and I will do my best everyday to make Presbyterian Hospital of Flower Mound a world class facility with great doctors and great nurses!

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