• What is a 3D Mammogram?

    What is a 3D Mammogram?

    7.  What is a 3D  mammogram?

    Breast tomosynthesis ( 3-D mammography) is basically an extension of a digital mammogram. For this test, the breast is compressed once and a machine takes many low-dose x-ray images as it moves  over the breast. The images are recorded on a computer, which can then be combined into a 3-dimensional picture. 3-D mammography uses more radiation than most standard 2-view mammograms, but it may let doctors see problem areas more clearly. This also might lower the chance that you will need to be called back for another mammogram right away. It may also be able to find more cancers earlier. Breast tomosynthesis is not widely available, but fortunately, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Flower Mound has this new technology available! I am excited about this new technology, and as a practicing Lewisville gynecologist, I am recommending this 3-D mammogram to all my patients. Most insurance companies don’t currently cover the cost because it is considered “experimental” but soon in the next year or two, it should be a coverered claim. Until then, it will generally cost you $99.00 to have this procedure done, rather than the older, conventional 2-D mammogram. It is money well spent and the peace of mind knowing that you have the latest technology available is worth it. As your Lewisville gynecologist, I can refer you to the new imaging center in Flower Mound on the NE corner of Long prairie Rd (FM 2499)  and Windsor Rd in front of the Hospital to have this scheduled at your convenience!


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